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The All-American Plaid Blanket


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    A Beekman 1802 Exclusive - Woven on Antique Loom.

    William Beekman started building his house in 1802, and pounded in the final nail in 1804. During the two years that his beloved mansion was taking shape, America more than doubled in size thanks to President Jefferson's Louisiana Purchase. For a country that was only a quarter century old, this was huge growth and a sign that great things were coming. American patriotism was at an all-time high.

    We believe that patriotism should always be at an all-time high! So we worked with designer Sam Meredith to create a new, completely unique, true American Plaid. And then we asked Beekman 1802 Master Historic Weaver Rabbit Goody to weave it on her antique looms. The yarn is spun by Harrisville Designs in Harrisville, New Hampshire. You won't find a more American design, with American quality, made by American hands anywhere else. 100% domestic wool.

    They are machine washable in the delicate cycle and can be tumbled dried with no heat or hung to dry.



    58" x 76". Made of 100% domestic wool.


    Ships within 3-4 business days

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