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The Gaffer’s Flute - Set of 2


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    Beekman Artisan Handblown Glassware - Set of 2

    The méthode champenoise, —the process of adding more sugar to wine for a second fermentation—was developed in 1662. The discovery just happened to coincide with technical developments in glassmaking that allowed bottles to be produced that could withstand the required internal pressures during secondary fermentation. The pressure in the bottle that causes the characteristic pop of the cork was so startling to drinkers at the time that it earned the name “the devil’s wine”.

    Our B. 1802 glass blower, Bobby Sharp, hand-blows each of our smoked-glass champagne flutes using historically accurate methods. Be careful. By the time you get to the bottom of the flute you may feel a little devilish yourself.

    Sold in Sets of two Flutes in a Beekman 1802 gift box. 



    Sold in Set's of two Flutes. Each Flute - approximately 6" tall 
    Care: Dishwasher Safe


    Ships out within 1-2 business days

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