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Under The Tree Wreath


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    Handmade with real vintage ornaments - One-of-a-Kind

    A one-of-a-kind wreath made with all vintage ornaments, “Under the Tree” takes us back to the innocence and fun of childhood Christmases. Chock full of treasure, the centerpiece is our old friend Rudolph with a cheeky kneehugger elf perched atop him. Rudolph is made of a rubber-like material and once had a mechanism that made his nose light up but, sadly, somewhere along the way it became lost. Fortunately, some wise soul saved him from the trash heap so we can still enjoy his charm many years later.

    There are lots of retro goodies here but one of our favorites is the wonderfully charming cardboard house on the upper left that has a bottlebrush tree next to it. If you look closely, you’ll spy a snow-covered dog house on the front, with Fido’s name atop his door. And typical of the 1950s, some bratty kid (like your little brother?) poked his finger through all the paper windows.

    There’s tons of other great stuff on this wreath. Some of note are these: a jumbo striped Poland ball smack in the middle of the top; a cool Shiny Brite next to it with green glittery hearts; a red ball that someone’s grandma crocheted a cover for; another Poland with a faded scene of a house in the snow; a round Jewel-brite diorama with bells inside; a red plastic Santa boot; a big red Shiny Brite with stars; and various other Shiny Brites, Polands and other goodies. There are skinny teardrops on top with candy canes and sprigs of old red and silver foil garland decorating the outside and dripping from the bottom. The whole is set upon a base of gold tinsel to ratchet up the sparkle.


    The wreath (about 17” in diameter and 25-26” tall) is set upon a sparkly silver tinsel base and is accented with exuberant swoops of gold beaded garland dripping off the bottom.


    Also Included

    Your heirloom wreath comes with its own zippered storage bag to protect it. Please hang it indoors, away from the harsh elements, to insure that these beautiful ornaments which have been passed down through generations will grace your own family for many years to come.



    This custom made wreath typically ships out within 4-7 business days


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