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Walking Stick


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    Let’s be honest, in William Beekman’s time people did not bathe every day. This is why fragrant French perfumes became so popular. They were ESSENTIAL. The beautiful bottles they came in sat on vanities and dressing tables where basically they were not practical! Sometimes you need a little “refreshing” during the day.

    William Beekman didn’t think of a solution for this, so we did.

    The Walking Stick is 10.6 ml of delicious scent in a steel rollerball tube that can fit right in your pocket.

    Our unisex scent is a light, fresh, exciting opening of orange peel extract unfolding to expose spicy nutmeg and geranium. Warm leathery notes of elemi, patchouli & vetiver will linger so that no one will ever have to tell you to “take a hike"

    Made in small batches to insure freshness. We have added a created date on each stick. 


    10.6 ml 


    SD alcohol 40-B, dipropylene glycol, benzyl benzoate. Fragrance.


    Ships out within 1-2 business days

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